Inspira Group Client Success Stories

Mike & Briana

Mike & Briana - First Time Homebuyers Who...

Mike and Briana were on the hunt for their first home... Watch Now.

Thao & Katheryn

Thao & Katheryn - My ONE Dream (Came True)

Thao & Katheryn came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Tara & Jeff

Tara & Jeff - One Stop Shop for First Time...

Tara & Jeff came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Manjari & Jeetal

Manjari & Jeetal - In Bob We Trust

Manjari & Jeetal came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Simonah & Chaz

Simonah & Chaz - Easy! Followed Bob's Advice

Simonah & Chaz came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Rick & Jen

Rick & Jen Share Their Home Buying Experience

When Rick and Jen decided they wanted to sell their... Watch Now.

Andrew F.

Andrew F. - Relocating Professional

Andrew F. came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Lisa & Trey

Lisa & Trey - Relocation Through Yelp

Lisa & Trey came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Mal & Theresa

Mal & Theresa - Relocation & One Stop...

Mal & Theresa came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.


When Simonah and Chaz decided to sell their condo in Rancho Santa Margarita, they called our team at Inspira Group. And we’re so happy that they did!

Originally, Simonah and Chaz had figured that they would sell their condo and then move into an apartment until they found their next home. Wanting to avoid a double-move for my clients, I asked them what they were looking for in a home and why they were planning on moving into an apartment instead. After getting a good idea of what their move-up home was, I told them, “We can find that for you!” and they told me that if the right home appeared, they would love to move in.

When Paul and Tanya decided to sell their home in Orange County, California and move to Northern California they contacted Inspira to help them sell their home. Paul and Tanya were longtime clients, and knew they could trust Inspira to get the best price for their home. 

We’ve known Paul and Tanya for a long time. We helped them buy their first home and over the years, have helped them buy, sell, and finance various other homes. In order to have the clearest focus, I asked them what was most important to them when selling their home. Paul said, “Be brutally honest!” 

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