Inspira Group Client Success Stories

Mike & Briana

Mike & Briana - First Time Homebuyers Who...

Mike and Briana were on the hunt for their first home... Watch Now.

Thao & Katheryn

Thao & Katheryn - My ONE Dream (Came True)

Thao & Katheryn came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Tara & Jeff

Tara & Jeff - One Stop Shop for First Time...

Tara & Jeff came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Manjari & Jeetal

Manjari & Jeetal - In Bob We Trust

Manjari & Jeetal came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Simonah & Chaz

Simonah & Chaz - Easy! Followed Bob's Advice

Simonah & Chaz came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Rick & Jen

Rick & Jen Share Their Home Buying Experience

When Rick and Jen decided they wanted to sell their... Watch Now.

Andrew F.

Andrew F. - Relocating Professional

Andrew F. came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Lisa & Trey

Lisa & Trey - Relocation Through Yelp

Lisa & Trey came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.

Mal & Theresa

Mal & Theresa - Relocation & One Stop...

Mal & Theresa came to Inspira looking for... Watch Now.


“It was enjoyable. How many people can say that? It was an enjoyable experience buying a house. And I credit (Bob) with that.” –Mark M.

Self-proclaimed home-buying novice Mark came to Inspira Group for assistance with finding and buying a home when he was relocating from a different area, and he was delighted with the team, which he made clear when he emphasized that he actually enjoyed the experience tremendously!


When Andrew relocated from Chicago to buy a home in California, he used Yelp to help him locate a real estate agent, and found Inspira Group. Over the years, Andrew had owned many homes in several states across the country. He also worked in finance, so he was no stranger to the ins and outs of real estate and home financing.


When Lisa and Trey found Inspira Group on Yelp, they were surprised because they had never put their trust in a review site before to find someone that would play such an important role in their lives (and we’re glad that they did!). Trey says that once he had spoken with us on the phone and during the initial consultation, he was really sure that Inspira Group was the right fit for them and he felt really confident that the reviews he had seen were accurate.


Expectations were high for Mal and Theresa when they contacted Inspira Group, as they were referred by Theresa’s sister who had happily worked with Inspira Group on multiple occasions. Inspira Group was able to meet and exceed all expectations during Mal and Theresa’s loan and real estate process, and they ended up being quite grateful for the referral.

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