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Mike & Briana: First Time Homebuyers Who Found Us on Yelp


Mike and Briana were on the hunt for their first home so they went searching for Irvine, CA real estate agent reviews. With three young kids and a fourth on the way, they were ready to find their dream home. When I first met with Mike and Briana, we hit it off right away and I told them that we were going to do everything necessary to help them find the house their kids could call home. 

Here is what Briana had to say about the experience they had working with Inspira Group: 

"We found Bob on Yelp when my husband was looking into financing options for our first home.  We spoke with a number of lenders but weren't really able to get all of our questions answered.  My husband called Bob on the phone and was able to get a lot of information about the mortgage process.

We then set up an appointment to meet Bob in person at his office where he walked us through financing options and the house-hunting process. We initially planned to use a different real estate agent to help us find a home, but given the fantastic experience we had on the financing side, we decided to use them to help us find a home, too. It was an incredibly helpful information session and we left feeling much more confident that we knew what was going on.

As the time when we were looking to buy got closer, Bob helped us evaluate various financing alternatives to determine which one suited our family best.  Bob's background is different than a lot of people in the real estate business; he has an MBA and knows a ton about financing, which really comes through when you're working with him.

We were also extremely impressed with the service provided by Inspira on the real estate side.  At the outset we were not sure which part of Orange County we wanted to move to, but Bob helped us narrow down the geographic areas pretty quickly.  Inspira set us up with some software to help us sort through homes on the MLS.  

When we went out with Bob to look at the homes we were interested in, he did a good job of zeroing in on the things that we found important in a home.  He also made a point of calling out things that we probably wouldn't have paid any attention to if we were looking at the homes ourselves.

On our first time looking at homes Bob took us by one house that we didn't have on our list of homes but that he thought we would be interested in.  My husband was very skeptical at first, but the house ended up being a fantastic fit for our family.  In the end, that was the house we purchased.

Mike & Briana-Inspira GroupThe negotiation and closing processes were a bit complicated in our case, but Bob handled the situation very professionally and with an eye on the main goal.  As we were making our offer and evaluating and making counters, Bob did a great job of walking us through the factors to consider.  Bob was also extremely patient with my husband who wanted to be very involved and was quite opinionated. 

I should also note that the Inspira Team was very accommodating when it came to scheduling home visits at difficult times and on short notice.  Bob is one of those guys who obviously cares about his clients and makes time for them whenever they need his help.

And, by the way, Bob is one of the friendliest people I've ever met.  Everyone else we interacted with at Inspira was also very nice.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that we found Inspira!"

It was an absolute pleasure working with Mike and Briana and helping them through the home buying process. If you're interested in a similar experience, then I invite you to give me a call and set up a consultation. I'm looking forward to getting to know you, your dreams, and sharing some information that will help you approach the home buying process with confidence. 

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