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Paul & Tanya - Selling a Home in Orange County, CA

Paul & Tanya - Selling a Home in Orange County, CAWhen Paul and Tanya decided to sell their home in Orange County, California and move to Northern California they contacted Inspira to help them sell their home. Paul and Tanya were longtime clients, and knew they could trust Inspira to get the best price for their home. 

We’ve known Paul and Tanya for a long time. We helped them buy their first home and over the years, have helped them buy, sell, and finance various other homes. In order to have the clearest focus, I asked them what was most important to them when selling their home. Paul said, “Be brutally honest!” 

The “brutal honesty” was they should list their home for more money than they thought the home would sell for. As it turns out, their home sold for over $50,000 more than their estimate of value! 

Our plan to maximize the sales price of their home worked! The pre-sale, staging, professional photos, high-quality flyers, video, massive internet exposure, etc. all came together for a successful transaction.

“Everything for the sale went so smoothly,” Tanya said. “And we are thrilled that Inspira found us a buyer that was willing to pay over $50,000 more than our expectation!”

That was not the end of Inspira’s involvement. The buyer was unable to get financing from their bank. Inspira quickly stepped in and obtained financing for the Buyer and were able to close on time.

“Inspira saved the day,” said Paul. “They were able to help the buyer purchase the home, and help Tanya and I sell it. This brought a huge added value to us as Sellers.”

Because Inspira is an expert mortgage broker, we have access to a wide array of products that many large banks don’t have. Typically, we utilize this skillset to coach Buyer’s on how much they can afford to buy, which are the best programs and educate them on the overall process flow. However, the skillset is also critical to helping Seller’s make sure their sale closes.

“We could not have been happier with the way things turned out,” Tanya said. “Inspira, thanks for making this such a successful and enjoyable process for us!”

Paul and Tanya - we’re so glad you chose Inspira to help you sell your home. We wish you all the best in your new location!

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