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Which is Better: Tustin, Irvine, or Laguna Niguel?

Posted by Bob Dalsimer

As a professional real estate agent and mortgage broker, I get asked the question “Which area is better?” all the time. The answer really depends on each family’s own goals and priorities, and determining which area is best for your family is definitely a personal choice.

The best way to demonstrate this is to take a closer look at four real families that we’ve worked with in the past. I helped each one buy, sell, and finance their homes, and each of these families chose different areas based on their personal goals and priorities. Below are the four homes that these families chose in February 2014 that are all within a similar price range, but are located in different areas.

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How Much is my Home Going to Sell For?

Posted by Bob Dalsimer

Sellers often ask: “How much can I sell my home for?”

The answer depends on a few factors. The goal is to always get the highest price, yet there are many variables that determine the asking price and ultimately the final sale price of a home.

There is an art to pricing a home to sell. Every home has a “range of value.” Typically, it makes most sense to price a home at the high end of the range.

Setting an offer price that is not too high and not too low will put the Seller in the most favorable position. Ultimately, the “market” will determine the market price which is defined by willing Seller and willing Buyer.

The price of a home is affected by two main factors: the features of the property and current market conditions.

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