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Cindy & Tim - Where the Magic Happens!


Cindy & Tim - Inspira Group Success Story

When Cindy and Tim came to our team looking for help with buying their dream home after seeing our reviews from happy clients online, they presented a challenge that Inspira was happy to accept. They needed somebody that was able to understand and manage every component of this complex real estate transaction. Fortunately, Inspira Group is a “one-stop shop”, so we knew we were up for the challenge!

Cindy and Tim already had the home in mind that they wanted to buy, so in this case, it was up to Inspira to make it happen.

With a lot of moving parts involved, Inspira Group had to orchestrate the purchase of a new home, the sale of the current home, the sale of a condo being used as a rental property, and the refinancing of another rental property to make it all possible.

Yet, there was something else that had to be accomplished first. The home that Cindy and Tim had their hearts set on was a brand new home being sold by the builder who was looking for a non-contingent buyer. Even though they needed to sell their home, we never take “no” for an answer, so no matter how many times the builder told us “no” and that Cindy and Tim weren’t the right buyers, we came back every time saying “okay, why?” so that we could understand, make adjustments, and ultimately make it happen. Finally, due to tenacity and hard work, we got the builders to say yes!

Next, we had to sell their current home in Mission Viejo and condo in Tustin, and we had to sell them fast. I knew that we had the best chance for success if we staged and priced the homes properly, and we ended up with a ton of interest and sold them quickly. Refinancing the other condo was easier because we were able to take care of that in-house as well, so the process was completed quickly.

When it was all said and done, Cindy and Tim had found their dream home in late June/early July and were moved in before Halloween! Best of all, the builder actually called and thanked us for getting escrow to close on time and were so happy that Cindy and Tim ended up being the buyers!

Here’s what Cindy and Tim say about working with Inspira Group:

“Short story: Inspira is magic.  There is no ‘can't.’  There's only ‘okay, we'll find a way.’  That's what they did for us.

Long story: I contacted Bob Dalsimer to help us purchase a home in a brand new development.  We never knew it would be so difficult to buy a house from people whose jobs are to SELL the darn things, right?  Nope; apparently not everyone is qualified to deserve a house from this particular award-winning builder.  Not only is Bob a real estate agent, but he used to work for a builder, so he had a lot of inside-info on builder business practices. 

It was ridiculous; it took him late nights emailing the builder/seller with our financial info (he also financed us for this sale so Inspira Group was like a one-man band), phone calls to the director of sales, getting practically emotionally involved with the stubbornness of these people who didn't want to take our money for the house despite Bob being able to prove to them on paper that we're top-tier borrowers (both my husband and my credit scores are above 800), and then setting up a meeting between the sales manager, some upper exec from the builder, and detailed calculations of financing plans "showing them the money," for them to finally agree to sell us this house.  I am convinced that ANY other real estate agent would have given up.  When someone flat out tells you no, we don't want to sell to your clients, I think any real estate agent would take that as a final answer.  Bob did not; he simply came up with a plan to disprove their reasons we're not worthy, and shut them up.  We're now in the house.”

We are so happy that we were able to make this happen for you, Cindy and Tim! Do you have a real estate challenge that you want the Inspira team to accept, too? Set up a consultation today – we’ll make more magic happen!


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